ASMA Consult provides system implementation and integration services for the on premise and the new cloud technologies thus positioning companies for tomorrow, today.
ASMA empowers businesses of local and regional market of all sizes on their journey of digital transformation through:


ERP Implementation 

Choosing an ERP solution that meets your specific business requirements will enable you to have a smoother implementation to improve operations and provide a rich experience.

A well designed implementation plan is the key to success. ASMA maintains your ERP system to ensure that you receive the best business solutions with accurate results.

ASMA Consult will walk you through needed improvements of ERP systems as well as system upgrades and software updates to ensure your business gets the desired boost.



Cloud Services  
ASMA Consult will shield you from performing all the complex tasks required to manage your infrastructure, tools, and application stacks. ASMA is your trusted partner to manage all of your cloud applications.

You are invited to tap into the power of cloud computing without the pain of becoming an expert at everything. Cloud services can help you focus on your core business and differentiate your company through building great applications.



System and Software Upgrades
ASMA Consult supports customers by improving security, and enhancing functionality through upgrading softwares. This allows customers to benefit from additional protections; and ensure systems has the latest defensive solutions, thus minimizing the threat posed by malware and hackers.

Moreover, upgrades enable customers to enjoy new features by using the latest solutions. Now firms have the opportunity to streamline and refine operational processes, and ensure their people work as effectively as possible.



Post Implementation Support
After a software implementation, ASMA provides regular vendor support, to ensure customers are maximizing all platforms and features of a certain solution over time. This is done to improve their experience for the user in the cloud age. After migrating to cloud, it is no longer a hassle to modify solutions online, respond to a new vulnerability that has been discovered, or improve a software feature.

Whether you need the assistance of an expert, or seek to find the latest documentation and downloads, we’ve got you covered.

ASMA’s business development team provides continuous support and consultation services after the product implementation process is complete. You can expect to have regular meetings with your account manager. These meetings ensure that you get the maximum amount of use and value.



Cloud integration is the process of configuring multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. In a network that incorporates cloud integration, diverse applications communicate either directly or through third-party software.

ASMA Consult can guide your business in the way that leads the revolutionary introduction of cloud integration, which will clear out the path to numerous opportunities to explore and connect to disparate systems. Through integration, you can combine all your cloud applications as well as on-premise systems, which in turn will give you comprehensive access and visibility into data, as well as improve functional connectivity.



ASMA Consult offers an on-premise as well as online training for cloud applications. Held by a team of capable and experienced staff, our game changers have what it takes to build capacity on every level. If you are seeking to acquire understanding of cloud technologies, or you are looking to enhance staff skills concerning cloud infrastructure at the office, we enable companies, teams and individuals to bridge skills gaps and advance their cloud maturity. Our comprehensive training solutions bring structured learning methodology for executives and IT pros alike to acquire the knowledge and deep technical skills the technology community needs to maximize cloud solutions.

ASMA will make sure you are getting the latest knowledge on the newest products and services.



Business Consultancy
To begin with, our consultants will asses business challenges and needs with you. Whether it is an ERP system you need to implement, Human Capital Management System on cloud or on premise, or any other needed system, ASMA will map out your road to success at every step of the way from technical requirements to integration by matching your business goals and technical needs.

Furthermore, ASMA Consult will help you shift into gear your cloud strategy with a clear cloud transformation compass. Hand in hand we will guide your team to understand the organisational strengths and process gaps that need to be filled in order to carry your business to the next level.